Book Review: God’s Smuggler

God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew

The faith of believers has never been as tested as it was during World War II and the following years. Some grew closer to the Lord, and some fell away completely. Others, such as Andrew, took a more circuitous path.

Raised in a modest Christian home in Holland, Andrew always dreamed of adventure and working as an undercover spy behind enemy lines. His years of petty theft and vandalizing neighbors in his youth eventually gave way to joining the Dutch army when the Nazis began taking over Europe. His time in the army indeed provided many adventurous moments, but none like the ones God still had planned for him.

After sustaining an unfortunate battle injury, Andrew went home to Holland and re-evaluated his life. Through a series of events, he gave his life to Christ and felt called into missionary work. But not just any mission work.

In 1955, Andrew finally got the adventure he was looking for when God led him into the dangerous work of going undercover. His mission was to spread the gospel and smuggle Bibles into countries behind the Iron Curtain. Once there, he found that the government often persecuted the Christian church as it sought to indoctrinate the population with secular ideas. Yet, despite the challenges, he found believers hungry for the Lord even as they worked to keep their faith a secret.

Written from Andrew’s personal accounts, God’s Smuggler richly details his decades of mission work, brushes with police, narrow escapes, God’s miraculous provision, and how he inspired thousands of people who felt forgotten by the world even as he maintained a family back home.

God’s Smuggler is an absolute must-read for every follower of Christ. Brother Andrew’s compelling story of unwavering faith is riveting and inspirational while providing a first-hand look inside the condition of the church as it endured the Cold War. The expanded edition includes Andrew’s personal photos and an epilogue that explains events following his early ministry days, including his interactions with Muslim terrorist leaders and the establishment of Open Doors International, which continues Andrew’s ministry today.

If you loved The Hiding Place, you will undoubtedly love God’s Smuggler. Put this book on your list!

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