(Review) Culture Shock: A Biblical Response to Today’s Most Divisive Issues, Chip Ingram

Best-selling author and Christian pastor Chip Ingram’s 2014 book Culture ShockA Biblical Response to Today’s Most Divisive Issues addresses several of the most controversial subjects facing us today—abortion, homosexuality, the church’s involvement in politics, and the environment. He does an incredible job looking at each issue from both a biblical and worldly perspective to help the reader understand the opposing viewpoint.

First, Pastor Ingram lays out what the issue is and its history, legally and culturally. He then details each side’s perspective, dissecting each line of thinking in a straightforward, logical manner so the reader can understand how and why people believe as they do. He then concludes with a “bottom line.”

For example, concerning the issue of abortion, Pastor Ingram first presents real-life scenarios in which many women have found themselves. Next, he explains both the pro-choice and pro-life arguments, carefully examining the more common premises most people believe, where those ideas originated, and their history (did you know the early pro-life movement started with feminists in the 1800s?). He then details the sound medical science of abortion, where atheists fall on the debate, how it ties in morally to society, and, finally, what the Bible says about it. He concludes the topic by suggesting what we can do as Christians to address the issue both physically and spiritually.

Throughout the book, Pastor Ingram presents his points in a refreshingly honest way wh

ile attempting to prevent any insult or offense of anyone’s opinion. In fact, he apologizes many times. However, he backs up his arguments in a godly way according to the Scriptures and does not excuse any sinful behavior. His approach allows the reader to draw their own conclusions but through a biblical world lens.

Culture Shock is incredibly well-thought-out and well-researched as it intermingles with personal stories of Pastor Ingram’s own experiences. His information forces us to stop and analyze what we believe and why. It fills in the gaps of missing knowledge few people talk about or admit, while others sometimes take extensive measures to withhold it from public conversation and mainstream media.

If you are looking for a book that clearly explains some of today’s controversial issues and want to know how to respond as a Christian, this is the book of you. I promise you will come away from it with a great sense of enlightenment.

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