Hi There!

Gina 2015 - CopyWelcome to Steppes of Faith!

I’m Gina. I’m a wife, a mother, a sister, and a daughter. Mostly, I am a seeker of God’s heart. So much so that I decided to take my love for writing and dedicate it to the Lord with unashamed craziness.

So, you may be asking why “steppes” of faith and not “steps”? Did I forget how to spell?

Steppes are defined in Webster’s Dictionary as a rural plain located in Southeast Asia and Europe. If you look at pictures of the area, it’s a huge area of wide open nothingness. A few trees, a few bushes, maybe mountains in the distance, and miles and miles and miles of grass. Just lots and lots of nothing.

I admit that I had originally wanted to talk about taking steps in faith. But when I saw the pictures of steppes in Asia, it reminded me of what it can feel like when you’re trying to live out your faith. Many times we wander around in nothingness not sure where we are or where we’re going. All we know is that if we just keep going we’ll eventually get somewhere. And all through the journey we simply lean on our faith and trust the Lord.

Because of my joy in sharing God’s infinite love with
my fam
ily, I want
to share it with you and your family too. I’m excited about God! I’m excited to know He has amazing plans for me and to prosper me. I’m excited that He cares for me and forgives me without any hesitation. I’m excited that His grace is freely given and I don’t have to lift a finger
to have it (although I
would). I’m excited because He was first excited about me.

And He’s excited about you too!

I could spout scripture to you and try to be very solemn and reverential. But why? God is very much excited about you. Yes, you! He sees your goodness. He sees your love. He sees your potential. And He sees your situation. He sees your confusion. He sees your shame and guilt. He sees your Stone to bluse skymess. He knows your past. And
you know what?

He’s still excited about you!

We all have stories and issues and situations. We all have our messes, me included most definitely. And it’s all okay! God loves us right where we are. Right where you’re sitting reading this. Right now. And He still wants you to be a part of His family.

Please come take this journey with me. I assure you, I have my fair share of issues too- as a wife, a parent, a friend, and as a daughter of the throne. Nothing is easy. Ever. But God somehow makes a way.

Won’t you join me on the steppes of faith? Just one at a time? Together we’ll figure this crazy life out and enjoy the journey too. Your comments and thoughtful discussion are always welcome. I can’t wait to get to know you!

Let’s step out together.